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All By Ourselves - April 2009

Act I opens with a difference of opinion between a young couple who may, or may not, have been invited out for a surprise event. With the young man's friends caught in the middle of a full blown 'domestic', witty banter and misunderstandings fly and itís a battle to see whose conscience will prevail and to see if normal service be resumed before they set off?

All By Ourselves - Woman, Sally, Gary and Man

Central to the story is the secret 40th Wedding Anniversary party planned by Patrick, Pippa and Polly for their parents Jack and Susan. Odd relations, a gatecrasher and a hidden secret revealed certainly make the party memorable in more ways than one and fireworks are bound to ensue!

All By Ourselves - Susan, Jack and Hubert

In the final Act of the play we whisk you away to a hotel in Cuba as we follow one of the party guests on her 'holiday of a lifetime'. As her incredible story unfolds and an unexpected visitor arrives the tension mounts as hurricane Ivan approaches the tropical resort.

All By Ourselves - Julia and Dave

SallyTotty Tucker
Gary Martin Wright
PeteIan Guy
DaveJamie Rae
ManKirt Ware
WomanNaomi Hart
WaitressKaren Trist
JackMalcolme Littler
PatrickTobias Ashton
SusanMeg Henkus
HubertRoger Mathewson
JudithMargaret Heeley
JuliaDenise Gough
GeoffreyRobin Thwaytes
PippaHelen Chapman
PollyVicky Bowring
KarenSarah Newell