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The Accrington Pals

The Accrington Pals, by Peter Whelan, is set in the town of Accrington, Lancashire. At the start of the first world war, many young men signed up to fight. This play centers around the men from Accrington who go to war, full of life and optimism, and the women they leave behind, they are more realistic and struggle to keep their families together.

The hardship of everyday life and the worry that their men may be killed is a strong bond in the lives of the women. The men die at the battle of the Somme in 1916.

The women read in the newspapers that the war is being won. The excitement is short-lived with conflicting news, rumours and misinformation about the Accrington Pals on the front line, and they then learn that their menfolk are dead.

Tom Hackford Oliver Hale
May Hassal Tracey Monaghan
Arthur Boggis Ian Guy
Reggie Boggis Daniel Hillier
Ralph Newstead Edward Heeley
Eva Mason Cara Heeley
Sarah Harding Kate Phimister
Annie Boggis Beverley Little
Bertha Treecott Margaret Addison
C.S.M. Rivers John Marshall
Directed by Malcolme Littler
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