Exeter Drama Company

And Then There Were None

by Agatha Christie

Directed by Ed Heeley and Aaron Wilson

Was performed 27th - 31st March 2012 at The Shed.

And then there were none - Mrs Rogers and Rogers

Ten people are invited by unknown hosts to a lonely house on a remote island.

And then there were none -  Miss Brent, Wargrave, Dr Armstrong, General MacKenzie and Blore

A mysterious voice indicts each of them of murder.

And then there were none - Dr Armstrong, Vera Claythorne, Philip Lombard, Blore and Wargrave

First one and then another dies, and the tension grows as they realise that the killer is one of themselves.

And then there were none - Vera Claythorne and Wargrave
Fred Narracott Ben Tollafield
Mrs Rogers Frances Guy
Rogers Frederic Pont
Vera Claythorne Laura Hoad
Phillip Lombard Ric Hutton
Blore Roger Mathewson
General MacKenzie Graham Setter
Dr Armstrong Julian Davey
Emily Brent Pamela Hoad
Marston Jamie Rae
Wargrave Brian Lawless
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