Exeter Drama Company

25th Anniversary Music Hall

To celebrate Exeter Drama Company’s 25th Anniversary, the Company held an extravaganza of music, play and dance.

The entertainment included the Stepcote Singers, The Wurlitzers and the short plays Set to Catch a Thief and The Master and the Maid.

The Stepcote Singers 
The Stepcote Singers Carole Smerdon, Colin Stewart, Lucilla Martin, Patrick Murphy, Wendy Montgomery, Gwen West, Mary Spencer and Keith Spencer

We Come Up From Mummerset   
Miss Ann Pears Jill Fairbairn
Miss Clutter & Miss Buck Gwen West and Carole Smerdon
Miss Nesta Shufflebotham Caroline Gibbons
Produced By Wendy Montgomery

The Wurlitzers
The Wurlitzers Jill Fairbairn, Carole Smerdon and Mary Spencer

Set a Thief to Catch a Thief  
Miss Nora Snodgrass Gail Smith
Mr Sammy Lang and Blossom Keith Spencer and Gwen West
Mr Dillusion and Nellie Colin Stewart and Caroline Gibbons
Fanny and Biddy Gwen West and Wendy Montgomery
Anna Palava and Rudolph Nearenough Mary Spencer and Keith Spencer
Produced by Wendy Montgomery

The Master and the Maid   
Miss Bubbles La Soap Barbara Farmer
Miss Vesta Swan Gwen West
Mr and Mrs with Derek Batty and Jean Jill Fairbairn and Keith Spencer
Produced by Jeanette Bardsley
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