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Bonaventure, by Charlotte Hastings, is set in 1947. Sister Bonaventure is the nun in charge of our Lady of Rheims, a convent in Norwich. Her health is poor and the other nuns have tried to convince her to have a rest.

However, on a stormy night, two prison wardens & a convicted murderess take shelter in the convent, and Sister Bonaventure questions whether the murderess, Sarat Carn, is in fact guilty.

Nurse Phillips Jenny Mellor
Nurse Brent Tracy Rayment
Sister Josephine Bev Little
Willy Pentridge Bob Usher
Sister Mary Bonaventure Joan Miller
Dr Jeffreys Ian Guy
The Mother Superior Diana Phillips
Melling Nigel Guy
Sarat Carn Pamela Hoad
Miss Pierce Wendy Montgomery
Martha Pentridge Pamela Slee
Produced by Ian Guy
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