Exeter Drama Company

The Buccanners of Boscastle

Outrageously plagiarised by Mrs Evelyn Cavendish. Additional material by Mortimer Cavendish, her son. Directed by Ian Guy.

was performed 15th - 17th December at The Shed, Alphington

Bucanneers of Boscastle - Isabel, Edith, Kate and Mabel

Cornwall’s most unsuccessful pirates fall foul of both the local aristocracy and the Boscastle Police Force in this swashbuckling romp amongst the rocks.

Bucanneers of Boscastle - Ruth, Frederic and the Pirate King

Naïve Frederic, wishing to leave the Pirate Band falls in lust with foxy Mabel on his 21st Birthday and thinks all will be welluntil his former comrades reveal the circumstances surrounding his birth.

Bucanneers of Boscastle - P.C. Berlusconi, the Sergeant of Police and P.C. O'Reilly

After trial, tribulation and a bit of Royal intervention all is settled and peace once more settles on Boscastle.

Bucanneers of Boscastle - the Pirate King, Nanny Wellbeloved and Major General Stanley
Samuel, a Pirate Joe Shannon
Frederic James Letten
Pirate King Andrew J Pettitt
Ruth, a Piratical maid of all work Diana Phillips
Jack, a Pirate Zak McCarthy
Lenny, a Pirate David Traynor
Bill, a Pirate Clive Fletcher
Roger, a Pirate Alistair Bibby
Isabel Phoebe Guy
Kate Jenny Nash
Edith Natalie Piggott
Mabel Maxine Hough
Major General Stanley Robin Thwaytes
Nanny Wellbeloved Lynda Anning
Parson Snows Brian Lawless
Sergeant of Police Doug Thomson
P.C. Berlusconi Annie Trethewey
P.C. O'Reilly Meg Henkus
P.C. Barrington-Smythe Margaret Bond/Margaret Heeley
P.C. Chang Tyler McCarthy
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