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Busybody, by Jack Popplewell, is a tense and exciting comedy thriller. A cleaner, Mrs Piper, ably and amusingly hinders Superintendent Baxter, after she has discovered the body of her unpopular employer, Richard Marshall. The suspects include his beautiful wife, Claire, the company accountant, his attractive secretary Marian Selby, and even the pretty office typist.Needless to say confusion occurs when the supposedly dead Mr Marshall appears very much alive and as unpleasant as ever.During the course of the play more bodies pop up all over the place but of course Mrs Piper eventually nails the culprit with a little help from the bad tempered Superintendent Baxter and his assistant, Detective Constable Goddard.

Compare this version with our Busybody from 1994

Mrs Piper Gwen West
Richard Marshall Leslie Hancocks
Det Con Goddard Colin Stewart
Dept Supt Baxter Keith Spencer
Claire Marshall Wendy Montgomery
Marian Selby Jill Fairbairn
Robert Westerby James Montgomery
Vickie Reynolds Mary Beck
Produced by Joy Hancocks
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