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Deadwood Dick

Deadwood Dick, by Tom Taggart, is set in the American Old West, and is based on a dime novel.

A bit like an American version of Robin Hood, Deadwood Dick involves lots of famous names, long-lost daughters, stolen gold mines, kidnapped heroines and hairbreadth escapes.

The villain Deadwood Dick, schemes and plots treachery in the town of Deadwood Gulch.

Calamity Jane Jenny Trace
Chet Pussy Rob Shearman
Blackman Redburn Alan Smith
Pong Ping Marcus Condron
La Paloma Denise Hill
Judge Nix Mike Cannings
Sheriff Loveless Richard Holladay
Lily Blossom Laura Hartley
Ned Harris Oliver Hale
Wild Bill Hickok Rob Lines
Molly Loveless Jane Hayward
Teetotal Tessie Pam Rickard
Rose Blossom Frances Guy
Dancers Joanna Damarell, Sarah-Jo Somerfield and Amanda Knights
Miners and Good Time Girls Robin Hoad, Kathy Southard, Nigel Guy, Kirsty Guy and Michael Thomson
Hatcheteers Diana Phillips & Lynda Jewell
Directed by Ian Guy
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