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Dick Whittington

In this version of Dick Whittington, by our own John Marshall, a poor boy from Gloucestershire, goes to London to seek his fortune, but he can’t find a job. He starts to return home, but hears the bells of London requesting him to return. When he goes back to London, with his new friend Tommy the cat, he meets Alice, the daughter of a rich merchant who finds him work.

In this great tale the baddies get their come uppance, Dick and Alice marry and live happily ever after, and in this version Shirley Bassey even guest stars!

Donald Von Blitzen  Gary Beck
Dick Whittington Frances Granger
Alice Fitzwarren Tracey Monaghan
Dawlish Fitzwarren Ian Guy
Sarah Suet John Marshall
Idle Jack Bob Usher
Captain Kipper Gary Beck
Mrs Kipper Joan Miller
Good Fairy Lynda Jewell
Scary Fairy Jenny Trace
Tommy, the cat Kirsty Evans
Ula Jo Witts
Sultan Richard Holladay
Sultana Judy Carnall
Hassam Nigel Guy
Kassam Andy Biddiscombe
Newsboy Karen Vail
Dick's Mother Bev Little
Little Girl Vicky Carnall and Lydia Bibbey
Sailors of Exeter Jeanette Bardsley, Marc Lemin, Bev Little, Pam Rickard, Alison Brown, Duncan White, John Rickard and Ruth Gooding
Sailors John Rickard, Marc Lemin, Bev Little and Pam Rickard
Currants Pam Rickard, Karen Vail, Ruth Gooding, Alison Brown, Bev Little and Jeanette Bardsley
Grandma Pamela Slee & Di Phillips
Children Marcus Condron, Vicky Carnall, Emma Little, Christopher Holladay, Nathan Bibbey and Lydia Bibbey
Orchestra John Dean, Bruce Hunter, Amanda Gulbranson, John Sherriff, Edward Pickering and John Di Girolomo
Written by John Marshall
Directed by Mike Cannings
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