Exeter Drama Company

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Edward II

By Christopher Marlowe

Directed by Ian Guy

Earl of Lancaster (Krish Madray), Roger Mortimer (Daniel Loney), Earl of Kent (Stuart Cloete), Countess of Pembroke (Amie Lynn) & Countess of Warwick (Ana Anajuba)
Countess of Pembroke (Amie Lynn), Piers Gaveston (Graeme Mooney), Countess of Warwick (Ana Anajuba)

Edward Longshanks, Edward I is dead and his weak and ineffectual son is now Edward II.

Edward II (Jack Harding), Queen Isabella(Clem Bernard)
Queen Isabella (Clem Bernard) & Lady Margaret de Clare (Carmel Smith)

His first command is to recall from exile in France his favourite, Piers Gaveston, an action that proves unwelcome amongst the Barons and the Bishops.

Lady Arundel (Sarah Davies), King Edward II (Jack Harding) & Spencer (David Purser)
Roger Mortimer (Daniel Loney), Edmund, Earl of Kent (Stuart Cloete), Queen Isabella (Clem Bernard)

With rebellion brewing, the royal marriage falling apart and the different factions taking sides armies are raised and the executioner’s axe is wielded freely.

Lightborn (Tara Studholme Lyons)
Piers Gaveston Graeme Mooney
Poor person 1/James, a guard/Bishop of Coventry Christian de la Croix
Poor person 2/Attendant/Herald/Beaumont Julia Gadek
Poor person 3/Abbott Richard Hogben
King Edward II Jack Harding
Thomas, Earl of Lancaster Krish Madray
Roger Mortimer, Earl of March Dan Loney
Edmund, Earl of Kent, brother to the King Stuart Cloete
Alice, Countess of Warwick Ana Anajuba
Bishop of Canterbury/Guard Callum Dinnett
Queen Isabella Clémence Bernard
Beatrice, Countess of Pembroke Amie Lynn
Baldock, a servant Jack Feltham
Edward Spencer, a friend of Gaveston’s David Purser
Lady Margaret de Clare Carmel Smith
Alice, Countess of Arundel Sarah Davies
John Matrevis, Jailer/Guard Callum Dinnett
Gourney, Jailer/Guard Jordan Burston
Lightborn, Assassin Tara Studholme Lyons
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