Exeter Drama Company

Hansel and Grethel - with Attitude

Written and directed by Terence Dale, Hansel and Grethel with Attitude was an addition to our usual winter schedule.

In this version, suitable for adults rather than children, when Woody’s wife aided by the rather strange Dr Rubberbottom sends the children into the woods, they are met by not only the Wicked Witch but also two elves who have been doing more with the magic mushrooms in the forest than sit on them, and are more interested in a couple of fairies than the plight of Hansel and Grethel.

However, as in all the best fairy tales, it all ends happily ever after.

Woody the Woodcutter Terence Dale
Wicked Wife Lynda Anning
Hansel Andy Smith
Grethel Tracey Monaghan
Rhodotus Edward Heeley
Bolbitius Martin Nelson
Wicked Witch Denise Hill
Dead Cat as Himself
Dr Rubberbottom Roger Mathewson
Laccaria Kate Phimister
Russula Heidi Dale
Written and Directed by Terence Dale
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