Exeter Drama Company

The Happiest Days of Your Life

The masters of Hilary Hall School for Boys are told that St Swithin’s, a girls’ school, will be billeted upon them due to their own school being bomb damaged.

The staff try desperately to conceal the fact that boys and girls are housed together, but in vain, for the parents find out.

They are aboutto remove their offspring when a message arrives: a third school is to share Hilary Hall. Against the common enemy, both staff and parents unite to barricade the gates.

Compare this version with our our Happiest Days of Your Life from 1955

Dick Tassall Richard Ware
Rainbow Ian Guy
Rupert Billings Robin Thwaytes
Godfrey Pond Roger Mathewson
Evelyn Whitchurch Lynda Anning
Miss Gossage Jenny Trace
Hopcroft Minor Matt Semple
Barbara Cahoun Laura Hoad
Joyce Harper Jenny Nash
The Rev Edward Peck Oliver Hale
Mrs Peck Helen Chapman
Edgar Sowter Terry Dale
Mrs Sowter Laura Farrow
Directed by Pam Hoad & Doug Thomson
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