Exeter Drama Company

The Heiress

In 1840’s New York Catherine lives with her father, Dr Sloper. Her mother died some years before and Dr Sloper still idolises her and never misses an opportunity to compare her daughter to her … a comparison the daughter can never win.

When Morris Townsend, a handsome but penniless young man comes along and woos, and wins, his daughter’s heart Dr Sloper is sure that he is after her considerable inheritance, and opposes their marriage.

Dr Sloper takes his daughter to Europe in the hope that she will forget Morris but she does not. After Catherine returns to New York the lovers plan to elope and Dr Sloper threatens to disinherit his daughter.

Maria (The Parlour Maid) Laura Hoad
Dr Austin Sloper Roger Mathewson
Mrs Lavinia Penniman (his Sister) Pamela Hoad
Catherine (his Daughter) Frances Guy
Mrs Elizabeth Almond (his Sister) Jenny Trace
Marion Almond (his Niece) Jenny Nash
Arthur Townsend (Marian's Fiance) Edward Heeley
Morris Townsend (Arthur's cousin) Ashley Leeds
Mrs Montgomery (Morris' Sister) Lynda Anning
Directed by James Montgomery
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