Exeter Drama Company

House Guest

Robert and Stella are horrified to learn that their young son has been kidnapped - not for ransom, as they are informed by the crook who visits them, but to force them to allow him to remain in their house for forty-eight hours.

Later two police officers arrive and reveal that one of the kidnappers has been murdered and Robert is suspected. Soon, however, it becomes clear that these two men are far from what they seem:

After the on-stage murder of the first crook they themselves demand to be treated as house guests and from then on twist follows twist until the highly exciting and ingenious denouement. She is on the run from the Police and also one of Henry’s patients, the Police, chasing Rosita, Paul the boyfriend of younger sister Sarah, Henry’s fiance the Hon Pamela Colefax and Mrs D’Arcy their redoubtable housekeeper who’s fretting about her impending plastic surgery!

Vivien Norwood Ruth Hart
Jane Mercer Jenny Nash
Stella Drury Pamela Hoad
Robert Drury Edward Heeley
Crozier Dave Britton
Inspector Burford Werner Sommerfeld
Sergerant Clayton Roger Mathewson
Dorothy Medway Sophie Luff
Philip Henderson Ray Leedheewd
Rosita Hernandez Natalia Prats
Directed by Malcolme Littler
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