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Joseph Andrews

Set in the 18th Century Joseph Andrews is a play based on Henry Fielding’s novel. Employed as a servant in the household of Sir Thomas Booby the pure-hearted Joseph is in love with Fanny Goodwill, one of the housemaids.

Yet he’s plagued by the unwanted attentions of the copiously endowed former actress Lady Booby, who becomes even more aggressive after the death of her husband. When Joseph rejects the advances of his employer, he is beaten by her minions and left for dead before being rescued by a passing coach.

He finally reunites with his friend Parson Adams who has just saved Fanny from rape. As the farcical plot accelerates, the trio get involved in many scrapes. Meanwhile, Lady Booby, scheming to ensure that the marriage of the young couple never occurs, has Fanny framed and arrested for robbery.

Mrs Wilson Heather Ashby
Nephew Ian Guy
Pamela Cara Heeley
Lady Booby Denise Hill
Parson Adams Andy Monaghan-Smith
Mrs Slipslop Diana Phillips
Fanny Goodwill Charlotte Nesden-Violett
Joseph Andrews Oliver Hale
Mrs Andrews Meg Henkus
Robbers Paul and Lynda Anning
Betty Tracey Monaghan-Smith
Mrs Tow-Wouse Jenny Trace
Mr Didapper Roger Mathewson
Constable Malcolme Littler
Mrs Trulliber Pat Daine
Justice Frollick Malcolme Littler
Gypsy Lynda Anning
Directed by Ian Guy
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