Exeter Drama Company

Mother Goose

This version of the favourite pantomime Cinderella was written and produced by a member of our own company.

Cinderella is prevented from going to the Ball by her ugly step-sisters. However, her fairy godmother helps her, and she meets the handsome Prince Charmimg who moves heaven and earth (well, he uses a glass slipper) to find her again.

Mother Goose Richard Holladay / David Frumin
Jack John Hobbs
Jill Penny Main
Fairy Nuff Bev Little
Baron Badlot John Rickard
Hit Judy Carnell
Miss Jenny Trace
Edmund Pamela Hoad
Grace Ruth Beer
Edwina Morwenna Hussey
Kwit Burpin' Joan Miller
Fairy Snow Queen Pamela Slee
Fairy Snowflake Jo Damarell
Father Christmas Himself
Ghost Ruth Gooding
Waiter Terry Dale
Porter Linda Holladay
Upstairs Maid Lynda Jewell
Villagers Hannah Kingdon, Lynda Holladay, Emma Funnell and Pam Rickard
Gnomes Annie Scrase, Emma Little, Alison Newberry, Marcus Condron and Neil Gooding
Chorus Terry Dale, Alan Preece, Marcus Condron, Pam Rickard, Ruth Gooding, Lynda Holladay, Emma Funnell, Amanda Hooper, Lynda Jewell and Margot Schnadhorst
Orchestra Matthew Brown, Mariann Hutchinson, Karen Vail and Sarah Ramsay
Produced by Mike Cannings
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