Exeter Drama Company

Much Ado About Nothing

by William Shakespeare

28th Sept - 1st Oct 2021 at 7:30pm

St Michael’s Church, Alphington, Exeter

Directed by Ian Guy and Alice Purcell

Antonia (Mel Hopton) & Leonato (Andy Smith)
Ursula (Kaitlin Nixson) & Hero (Olivia Parker)

Returning from the crusades Count Claudio falls in love with Hero the daughter of Leonato, the Governor of Messina.

Don John (Kyle Carter)
Don Pedro (Peter Burnett) & Claudio (Stephen Proud)

His friend Benedick continues an ongoing battle of wits and wills with Beatrice, Leonato’s niece while Don John plots mayhem and confusion.

Margaret (Tara Studholme Lyons)
Conrade (Eliot Vosper)

There are accusations, a death, a wedding surprise and the aimless antics of Messina’s night watchmen. What more could you ask for?

Borachio (Miles Clayton-Foster)
Dogberry (Jordan Burston) & Verges (Richard Eagle)

With a combination of fresh new faces, old hands and one returning ex member we put our own, very special, slant on Shakespeare with comedy, music, singing, maybe a dance or two and a few hidden extras to keep you entertained!

Benedick (Sam Lew) & Beatrice (Helen Evans)
Benedick (Sam Lew) & Beatrice (Helen Evans)
Benedick, a Lord of Padua, companion to Don Pedro Sam Lew
Don Pedro, Prince of Aragon Peter Burnett
Don John, half brother of Don Pedro Kyle Carter
Claudio, a Count and friend to Benedick Stephen Proud
Leonato, governor of Messina, father of Hero Andy Smith
Antonia, wife to Leonato Melanie Hopton
Borachio, follower of Don John Miles Clayton-Foster
Conrade, follower of Don John Eliot Vosper
Beatrice, niece to Leonato Helen Evans
Hero, daughter of Leonato Olivia Parker
Margaret, waiting woman to Hero Tara Studholme Lyons
Ursula, waiting woman to Hero Kaitlin Nixson
Balthasar, musician to Leonato Roger Mathewson
Messenger & Boy, son to Leonato Eddie Bellamy-Cooper
Dogberry, the Constable of the watch Jordan Burston
Verges, the Headborough Richard Eagle
Friar Francis, a priest Robin Thwaytes
The Sexton, a judge Natasha Zoutenbier
First Watchman Lynda Anning
Second Watchman Ellie Lynas
Third Watchman Doug Thomson
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