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A Murder Has Been Arranged

A Murder has been Arranged by Emlyn Williams, tells the story of a legend concerning a murder once committed at the St James’s Theatre, that a dumb woman will appear on stage to reveal the murderer.

Sir Charles Jasper, an authority on the occult, has chosen this theatre in which to hold a dinner party.Tonight, at eleven o’clock, he will come into avast fortune.

Should he die before eleven, his nephew, Maurice will inherit it.Though uninvited, Maurice arrives and a chain of events are set in motion that culminates not only in a murder but the appearance of not one,but two, ghosts!

Miss Groze Stephanie Gray
Cavendish Robin Thwaytes
Mrs Wragg Diana Phillips
Jimmy North Simon Rakestrow
Lady Beatrice Jasper Taran Wiseman
Mrs Arthur Denise Hill
Sir Charles Jasper Oliver Hale
Maurice Mullins Edward Heeley
A Woman Heather Ashby
Behind the Scenes Doug Thomson, Charles Whitton, Martin Harris, Malcolme Littler, Paul Anning, Robin Hoad, David Gough, Doug Thomson, Robin Thwaytes, Mike Long & Lynda Anning
Directed by Ian Guy
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