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The Imperial Nightingale

The Imperial Nightingale, by Nicholas Stuart Gray, is set in China in the year 200AD

At the lake behind the Imperial Palace a nightingale sings his enchanting song to a humble fisherman and a lowly kitchen maid but once the bird is heard by members of the Imperial Court the Emperor himself commands an audience.

Intrigue follows villainy, dreadful tortures are threatened and a mechanical bird is produced to rival the singing of the real bird but all ends happily when a mysterious Princess hold court at the dead of night!

Truly a captivating story for all the family.

This amateur production is presented by arrangement with Joseph Weinberger Ltd

Bamboo, a young fisherman Pamela Hoad
Flower, the gardener's daughter Laura Hartley
Four Winds, Court poet Werner Sommerfeld
First Suspicious Character Mark Murray
Second Suspicious Character Una Pengelly
Red Dragon, the Imperial War Lord Roger Mathewson
Black Circle, an Astrologer-Magician  Doug Thomson
Kong, A Green Dragon Guard David Gough
Pung, A Green Dragon Guard Robin Thwaytes
Lady Purity Laura Hoad
Lady Honour   Meg Henkus
The Emperor of China Richard Ware
The White Princess Denise Hill
Members of the Court Members of the drama company
Behind the Scenes Paul Anning, Wendy Montgomery, Pat Mathewson, Marina Williamson, Graeme Gallin, Charlie Whitton, Robin Hoad, Denise Hill, Ian Guy and Lynda Anning
Directed by Lynda Anning
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