Exeter Drama Company

Night Must Fall

by Emlyn Williams

Directed by Ian Guy

Was performed 18th - 22nd September 2012 at The Shed.

Night Must Fall - Mrs Bramson and Dan

Danny has already murdered one woman, and there is little doubt that he will soon murder another – the aged owner of a lonely house in a forest in Essex.

Night Must Fall - Olivia, Mrs Terence, Dora and Hubert

He gradually insinuates himself into her affections in a skilful manner, for Dan is a dashing young assassin, a completely self-centred psychopath with no feelings and a vast imagination, who is perpetually acting, for his own enjoyment, the part of the murderer.

Night Must Fall - Dan and Inspector Belsize

He taunts the old ladies niece and plays a dangerous game of cat and mouse with everyone including the all knowing Inspector out to catch him.

Night Must Fall - Nurse Libby, Dan and Mrs Terence

See our older version of Night Must Fall in 1956

Voice of the Lord Chief Justice Brian Lawless
Mrs Bramson Frances Guy
Olivia Grayne, her niece Charlotte Guy
Hubert Laurie Ric Hutton
Nurse Libby Sarah Newell
Mrs Terence, Mrs Bramson's cook Lynda Anning
Dora Parkoe, her maid Harrie Ashman
Inspector Belsize Afzal Hasan
Dan Daniel Devenney
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