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A Fly in the Ointment

A fly in the Ointment, written by Derek Benfield, is set in a bungalow on the Sussex coast.

The bungalow belongs to Donna, the ex-mistress of Ron Corley MP, Minister for the Environment. While he is searching the bungalow, his virtuous wife Louise arrives on the same day at the same place.

Add to these a romantic doctor who is also in Sussex when his practice is in London, a frustrated policewoman and a devious pizza delivery boy and the plot thickens!

The Rt Hon Ron Corley M.P., Minister for the Enviroment Ian Guy
Donna, an enthusiastic mistress Lynda Anning
Brenda Hackett, a frustrated policewoman Denise Hill
Albert, a devious pizza delivery boy Andy Monaghan-Smith
Louise Corley, a virtuous wife Charlotte Dawson
George Billing, a romantic doctor Doug Thomson
Directed by Joanna Damerell and Pamela Hoad
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