Exeter Drama Company

One Act Plays and Monologues

In the One Act Plays the comedy Box and Cox shows what happens when an unscrupulous Landlady lets the same room twice.

The Washtub Farce is a comical warning to nagging wives and bullying Mothers in law, in the moving drama. A Well Remembered Voice is about the unexpected result of a war time séance and with Regency Romance its laugh out loud at the antics of Ed, Sandy and Mary as they re-write and role play their own “trashy romantic paperback”.

The evening’s sketches cover a bedtime story with a difference, drive a waiter to distraction in a café, and have two nervous girls waiting for an interview and the aftermath of a robbery. The monologues are set on a train and outside a Bingo Hall.

Waiter Matt Semple
Lucy Charlotte Guy
Beth Ashley Carroll
John Box Doug Thomson
James Cox Julian Davey
Mrs Bouncer Diana Phillips
Louise Vicky Fairclough
Sarah Sarah Newell
The Girl Phoebe Guy
Phil Matt Semple
Ben Tobias Ashton
Mrs Don Marie Young
Mr Rogers Doug Thomson
Laura Bell Ashley Carroll
Mr Don Terry Dale
Dick Matthew Blackhurst
The Devil Julian Davey
Jacquinot Terry Dale
Jacquinette Sarah Newell
Mother in Law Lynda Anning
Pissaulette Marie York
Gonerette Toni Bellerby
Culinette Charlotte Guy
Nenerette Natalia Prats
The Storyteller Tony Golding
Juanita, the Bride Natalia Prats
Will, the Groom Matthew Blackhurst
Ed Murray Tobias Ashton
Sandy Perry Ashley Carroll
Mary Sullivan Vicky Fairclough
Directed by Ian Guy
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