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Post Horn Gallop

In this farce by Derek Benfield, Chester Dreadnaught returns from his honeymoon to find his aristocratic in-laws have turned their stately home, Elrood Castle, into a tourist attraction. With the scatty Lord and Lady Elrood opening the castle to the public all sorts of things go wrong. Boy Scouts are camping in the grounds and the gawping visitors are given guided tours by the castle historian Miss Partridge.

Compare this version with our Post Horn Gallop from 1996

Ada Sylvia Ball
Lord Elrood Leslie Hancocks
Lady Elrood Joy Hancocks
Patricia Judy Collard
Miss Partridge Ann Porter
Chester Dreadnought James Montgomery
Bert Keith Spencer
Maggie Gwen West
Mr Capone Chris Thornhill
Mr Wedgwood Robert Lapworth
George Willis Colin Stewart
Produced by Wendy Montgomery
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