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Rain, by John Colton and Clemence Randolph, is based on the story Miss Thompson by W. Somerset Maugham - set in the living room of Joe Horn’s store on the island of Pago-Pago in the South Seas, it is a tale of life on a tropical island menaced only by the missionaries.

Mrs Ameena Horn Joy Hatherley
Corporal Hodgson James Montgomery
Private Griggs Andrew Mitchell
Sergeant O'Hara Brian Oswin
Joe Horn Robert Lapworth
Mrs Davidson Cherie Edwards
Dr Macphail Robert Glover
Mrs Macphail Wendy Burgoyne
Sadie Thomson Verity Dummellow
Quatermaster Bates of the "Orduna" Ian Canton
Rev Alfred Davidson Stephen Mitchell
Natives Muriel Palmer, Valerie Palmer, Elinor Lavelle, Michael Gibbs and Peter Palmer
Produced by Andrew Mitchell
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