Exeter Drama Company

Robin Hood

This version of Robin Hood is a vivid performance of action packed drama retelling the famous legend indulging in,

and making fun of, the stilted dialogue found in tiresome historical novels and adventure films.

Here you will find larger than life characters, both good and bad that challenge and reinvent the myths and ballads. You’ll meet a scheming Dowager Queen of England, a psychotic mercenary, ‘jolly hockey sticks’ outlaws and a wise cracking Maid Marian who is arguably a better swordsperson than any of Robin’s merry men!

A scary Guy of Gisbourne, complete in horse skin, is brought in by the Sherriff of Nottingham to help him win over Robin Hood’s band, but Robin thwarts the attempt, and with swirling mists, frantic sword fights, murder most foul and more than a few laughs this is truly a story for all ages.


Will Scarlet Liam Taborn
Robin Hood Ashley Leeds
Marian Harper Margaret Heeley
1st Forester Robin Hoad
2nd Forester Greg Martin
Riccon Hazel Paul Anning
The Sherriff of Nottingham Doug Thomson
The Bishop of Hereford Roger Mathewson
Mistress Hilton Pamela Hoad
King John Tim Brewis
Little John David Gough
Much, The Millers Son Simon Rakestrow
Arthur-a-Bland Werner Sommerfeld
Meg Scathelocke Lynda Anning
Alan-a-Dale Henry Selley
Ellen Dierwold Laura Hoad
Eadom John Clotworthy
Catherine Margot Schnadhorst
Queen Eleanor of Aquitaine Stephanie Gray
Friar Tuck Robin Thwaytes
The Prioress of Kirklees Meg Henkus
Guy of Gisbourne Terence Dale
Various of the Kings Foresters, Musicians and Common Folk Company Members
Directed by Ian Guy
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