Exeter Drama Company

Stocking Fillers

Three One Act Plays

4th - 7th December 2018

A Winter Tale

Written by Roger Mathewson, directed by Pat and Roger Mathewson

Stocking Fillers - A Winter Tale

The play is a little ghost story about a couple for whom Christmas is a never ending battle of wills over the loss of their daughter. Although they seem at odds with each other, love overcomes all.

Stocking Fillers - A Winter Tale
Stocking Fillers - A Winter Tale
Carol Marshall Rachel Barker
James Marshall Graham Setter
Sarah Ellie Lynas
Policeman Ed Heeley

Take Two Girls

by Various

directed by Malcolme Littler

Three short sketches - When Life Hands You Lemons - Hard to change Christmas Traditions by Kate Phimy. An Apple A Day - Two sisters, one giving advice to her sibling on dieting - oops! By Cheryl Bartlett Who Wants To Be Mary Anyway? - Two girls about to audition for the role of Mary in the Nativity by Malcolme Littler, with Ella James and Amber Barker

Stocking Fillers - Take Two Girls
Stocking Fillers - Take Two Girls
When Life Hands you Lemons
Mum Ella James
Chloe Amber Barker
An Apple a Day
Laura Ella James
Nikki Amber Barker
To Be A Mary Anyway
Lottie Amber Barker
Fran Ella James


by Michael Green

directed by Denise Gough

Stocking Fillers - Cinderella
Stocking Fillers - Cinderella

This is the traditional pantomime (oh, no it isn’t, oh, yes it is). A tale of rags to riches, ugly sisters, a flying fairy, a ball and a glass slipper (if we can work out how to make one). What can possibly go wrong?

Stocking Fillers - Cinderella
Cinderella Tara Studholme Lyons
Sammy Briony Vallis
Cystitis Lynda Anning
Hernia Robin Thwaytes
Buttons Doug Thomson
Trumpeter Gabe Barker
Prince Charming Jacqui Draycott
Good Fairy Di Phillips
Stage Manager Paul Anning
Prompter Seren Jones
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