Exeter Drama Company

Theatrical Showcase

Directed by Elliott Logan and Ian Guy

27th September 2019 at Cornerstone

Richard III - Lady Anne Neville, Richard, Duke of Gloucester and pall bearers
Edward II - King Edward II and Piers Gaveston

Having delved into the theatrical archives we have presented extracts from plays, and reading the poems, of playwrights and authors who don’t grace the amateur stage as often as they should.

The Rover - Florinda and Hellena
The Rover - Don Pedro, Florinda and Hellena

Comedy, tragedy, foreign languages, sexual intrigue and the interesting (and sometimes racy) biographies of eight very interesting people.

The Way of The World - Mrs Millament
The Critic - Mrs Dangle and the Interpreter

Not only the works of William Shakespeare but also snippets of Christopher Marlowe, Oliver Goldsmith, Aphra Behn, Fanny Burney, Richard Brinsley Sheridan, William Congreve and Harriet Beecher Stowe.

The Critic - Mr Dangle
The Wittlings - Dabler, Lady Smatter, Codger, Cecilia and Beaufort
Richard III By William Shakespeare, directed by Ian Guy
Lady Anne Alice Purcell
Gloucester Roger Mathewson

Edward II By Christopher Marlowe, directed by Ian Guy
King Edward II Jake Lee
Piers Gaveston Leo Harding

The Rover By Aphra Benn, directed by Ian Guy
Florinda Charlotte Guy
Hellena Phoebe Guy
Don Pedro Jake Lee

The Way of the World By William Congreve, directed by Ian Guy
Mrs Fainall Charlotte Guy
Mrs Marwood Kaitlin Nixson
Fainall Miles Clayton-Foster
Mirabell Krish Madray
Mrs Millament Alice Purcell
Sir Wilfull Witwoud Leo Harding
Mincing Michelle Parrington

She Stoops to Conquer By Oliver Goldsmith, directed by Elliott Logan
Mrs Hardcastle Kaitlin Nixson
Mr Hardcastle Krish Madray
Miss Hardcastle Michelle Parrington
Tony Miles Clayton-Foster
Miss Neville Charlotte Guy

The Critic By Richard Brinsley Sheridan, directed by Elliott Logan
Signor Pasticcio Krish Madray
Mrs Dangle Phoebe Guy
Mr Dangle Jake Lee
Interpreter Miles Clayton-Foster
Sneer Roger Mathewson
Mr Puff Leo Harding
1st Daughter Michelle Parrington
2nd Daughter Alice Purcell
3rd Daughter Charlotte Guy

The Witlings By Fanny Burney, directed by Elliott Logan
Lady Smatter Kaitlin Nixson
Cecilia Charlotte Guy
Beaufort Miles Clayton-Foster
Servant Leo Harding
Codger Krish Madray
Dabler Roger Mathewson

Eliza Crossing the River By Harriet Beecher Stowe, directed by Elliott Logan
Leo Harding
Alice Purcell
Jake Lee
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