Exeter Drama Company

The King's Mare

By Jean Cannolle and Anita Loos.

Directed by Ian Guy.

9th - 12th April 2019, at Ide Primary School.

Having endured 3 wives already Henry VIII has sworn off marriage for good whereas his courtiers see the ‘vacancy’ as an opportunity for a political alliance.

The King's Mare - Archbishop Cranmer, Thomas Crowell, Henry VIII and Sir Thomas Wroithsley
The King's Mare - Duke of Norfolk, Hans Holbein, Henry VIII, Archbishop Cranmer, Thomas Cromwell and Sir Thomas Wroithsley

Eventually picking the courts choice of Anne of Cleves from paintings provided by Holbein the poor girl turns out to be nothing like Henry expected.

The King's Mare - Frau Willick and Frau Schwartzenbrock
The King's Mare - Anne of Cleves, Henry VIII and Sir Thomas Wroithsley

She speaks no English, he speaks no Flemish and on the wedding night the poor interpreter ends up in the marriage bed with them where a hilarious three way conversation takes place!

The King's Mare - Anne of Cleves, Sir Thomas Wroithsley and Henry VIII
The King's Mare - Kathryn Howard and  Anne of Cleves

Grim ladies in waiting, interfering courtiers and a coquettish Katherine Howard all add to the chaos in this Tudor mix of Carry on Henry meets saucy seaside postcards!

The King's Mare - Kathryn Howard

Sarah Thorn won Best Actress for her part in this production

Henry VIII Doug Thomson
Thomas Cromwell Shahar Lashkor
Archbishop Cranmer Robin Thwaytes
Sir Thomas Wroithsley Elliott Logan
Duke of Norfolk Ed Heeley
Hans Holbein Graham Setter
Chancellor of Cleves Malcolme Littler
Frau Schwartzenbrock Ellie Lynas
Frau Willick Lynda Anning
Anne of Cleves Sarah Thorn
Katherine Howard Ella James
Lady in Waiting Josephine Paulsen
Guard Paul Anning
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