Exeter Drama Company

The Upper Crust

3rd & 4th Dec 2021 at 7:30pm

Pinhoe United Reformed Church, Old Pinn Ln, Pinhoe, Exeter EX1 3RF

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There have always been those who think to be waited on is their right. Likewise there have always been those whose role it is to serve.

How one side treats the other is a constant source of amazement and interest and in our evening of sketches, playlets, one liners and jokes we attempt to span that divide.

Whether we’ve served you correctly will be for you to decide!

The Origins of the Upper Crust By Peter Burnett
Narrator Joe Jenkins
Lower Class Caveman Oliver Hale
Upper Class Caveman Roger Mathewson

Soooo Busy By Alaric Greene
Bruchetta Fotheringhton-Golightly, a society lady Jessica Whittick
Lavash Templeton-Freebody-St Clair, a society lady Genni Trickett
Voice over intercom Roger Mathewson

The Clock's Watch By Kyle Carter
Clock Natasha Zoutenbier

Clap Trap By A Nonny Mouse
Hunter, the Butler Graham Setter
Maisie, the Maid Monica Cabello
Master Gregory, son and heir Jack Powell
Simon Joe Jenkins
Amanda Natasha Zoutenbier
Lord Blake Roger Mathewson
Lady Blake Genni Trickett
Chief Inspector Gordon Oliver Hale

The Other Side By Kyle Carter
The Waiter Jack Powell
Phil, a geezer on date night Graham Setter
Paula, the geezers wife Monica Cabello
Cassandra, a posh woman being frugal Natalie Zoutenbier
Alex, posho’s partner Oliver Hale
Chef Joe Jenkins

The New Maid By Anonymous
The Man Graham Setter
The Maid Monica Cabello

Those Who Wait By Ben Trowbridge.
Additional material by Kyle Carter
Armand de Carteret Jack Powell
Maximillian Kiesinger Joe Jenkins

Bru and Lav save Christmas By Genni Trickett.
Additional material by Alaric Greene
Bruchetta Fotherington-Golightly, a society lady Jessica Whittick
Lavash Templeton-Freebody-St Clair, a society lady Genni Trickett

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