Exeter Drama Company

Three One Act Plays

12th - 15th April 2022 at 7:30pm

Alphington Primary School, Wheatsheaf Way, Exeter

Keeping up Appearances in Lockdown

Written and Directed by Lori Hilson

Three neighbours have very different experiences during lockdown – one has physical problems, one loses her grip on reality all together while the youngest person discovers new skills which offer a brighter future.

Krish Madray, No 14
Tara Studholme Lyons, No 9
Genni Trickett - No 12
No 9 Tara Studholme Lyons
No 14 Krish Madray
No 12 Genni Trickett

Treasures by Susan Tong

Directed by Gill Cree

After her funeral, a mum’s gifts to her 3 children give them both pleasure and a puzzle to solve.

Mike (Graham Setter), Ann (Debbie Collins) & Kathy (Lynda Anning)
Mike (Graham Setter), Alf (Andy Smith), Kathy (Lynda Anning) & Ann (Debbie Collins)
Mike Graham Setter
Kathy Lynda Anning
Ann Debbie Collins
Alf Andy Smith

The Trial of Philip Merryfield

Written and directed by Peter Burnett

A man stands accused of murder on Mars, in the last courtroom of humanity. But was it justified? Philip Merryfield is on trial for his life, after throwing a member of the crew of the Mars Ark “Bellerophon” out of the airlock just before take-off, and usurping her place in an attempt to flee a doomed Earth. But was he actually right to do so? This short comedy drama follows his trial where the events around the incident are slowly revealed as Prosecution and Defence battle it out through a stream of witnesses before the Jury (YOU, the audience) pronounce him Guilty or Not Guilty.

Philip Merryfirld (Sam Lew) & Counsel for the Defence (Oliver Hale)
Witness 2 (John Prince, Kyle Carter)
The Judge (Roger Mathewson) & Clerk of the Court (Sarah Davies)
Philip Merryfield (Sam Lew), Counsel for the Defence (Oliver Hale), Counsel for the prosecution (Miles Clayton-Foster), Clerk of the Court (Sarah Davies)
Philip Merryfield Sam Lew
The Judge Roger Mathewson
Counsel for the Defence Oliver Hale
Counsel for the Prosecution Miles Clayton-Foster
Witness 1 Genni Trickett
Witness 2 Kyle Carter
Clerk of the Court Sarah Davies
Sgt Aloysius Andy Smith
Government Official Robin Thwaytes
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