Exeter Drama Company

Treasure Island

by Phil Willmott

Directed by Denise Gough

18th - 20th September 2019

Treasure Island - The Shipwright's Arms
Treasure Island - Blind Pugh and Mad Dog

Treasure Island is a buccaneering comedy adventure about treachery, treasure and a young man’s rite of passage.

Treasure Island - Captain Smollett

The classic tale of Jim Hawkins, Long John Silver and swashbuckling pirates is brought to life by a crew of Exeter Drama Company’s salty sea dogs and lasses.

Treasure Island - Benn Gunn and Jim Hawkins

Surrounded by elements of wind and water, swords and sea shanties, swept away to the South Seas for a yo ho ho and a bottle of rum.

The treasure hunt of a lifetime!

Treasure Island - Aboard the Good Ship Hispaniola
Treasure Island - Aboard the Good Ship Hispaniola
Jim Hawkins Carrie Neilson
Gentleman Jack Graham Setter
Israel Hands Ian Guy
Meg Trueblood Sarah Thorn
Spanish Poll Ana Olmedo
Scary Mary Ellie Lynas
Shoreditch Sal Di Phillips
Nathaniel Crisp Richard Hogben
George Merry Robin Thwaytes
Inigo de Artieta Ruben Garcia
Old Joe Malcolme Littler
Lady Trelawney Tara Studholme Lyons
Billy Bones Robin Thwaytes
Black Dog Malcolme Littler
Blind Pugh Doug Thomson
Miss Lucy Livsey Kirsten Lees
Captain Smollett Ed Heeley
Long John Silver Tim Harlow
Ben Gunn Doug Thomson
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