Exeter Drama Company

Community Theatre

Weird Women

By Genni Trickett

Directed by Genni Trickett and Kaitlin Nixson

Three sisters reunite in their old Lancashire home after their mother’s funeral.

They’ve all chosen different paths in life - but what is the dark secret they all share?

Zack shares a picture of his supermodel girlfriend
Barbie explains the family history of the Pendle witches

And what of the new generation; Zack, Morgan and Cassie?

The family look at Nana Dot’s photo albums

Are they ready to face the truth about their family - and themselves?

Eddie attacks Diana
Eddie gets his comeuppance
Diana Briony Vallis
Lilian Jacqui Draycott
Barbie Claire Temple
Eddie, Lilian's husband Andy Smith
Cassie, Diana's younger daughter Olivia Parker
Morgan, Diana's oldest daughter Cecilia Neil-Smith
Zack, Eddie & Lilian's son Pixie Frost
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