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Something a bit different from us to keep you entertained during these strange times.




EDC have been working hard to bring you these radio shows and are glad to provide a different form of entertainment in the absence of theatre productions. If you have enjoyed our work we would be very grateful to receive a donation.


Latest Shows

We Look Up

By Fiona Lockwood

Read by Ed Heeley

Published 08 February 2021

Number Thirteen

By Adrian Williamson

Read by Frances Guy

Published 18 January 2021

Ball and Chain

By D Miller

Read by Lynda Anning

Published 11 January 2021


By Fiona Lockwood

Read by Oliver Hale

Published 04 January 2021

Harvest Time

By Fiona Lockwood

Read by Charlotte Guy

Published 12 December 2020

Playing by the Rules

By David Pollard

Published 29 November 2020

Seasonal Spice

By Fiona Lockwood

Read by Kyle Carter

Published 21 November 2020
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