Exeter Drama Company

A Christmas Carol

The skinflint Ebenezer Scrooge is visited by three ghosts over the course of one night and is shownthe error of his ways during his mysterious journey.

Seeing how life could be improved for himself andothers he makes a remarkable transformation from miser to benefactor and alters the lives of allaround him.

All of Dickens much loved characters including Bob Cratchitt, the Fezziwigs, his past loveBelle and Tiny Tim make memorable appearances in this fast moving adaptation.

Ebenezer Scrooge Ian Guy
Bob Cratchit Dave Britton
Fred, Scrooge’s Nephew Chris Payne
Tiny Tim Tyler McCarthy
Jacob Marley’s Ghost Mike Titcombe
Mrs Cratchit Nicky Crew
Peter Cratchit Alistair Bibby
Belinda Cratchit Holly Scholfield
Martha Cratchit Phoebe Guy
Boy in Sunday Clothes Zack McCarthy
Fan, Scrooge’s Sister Phoebe Guy
Dick Wilkins Chris Moore
Young Scrooge Jason Salmon
Fred’s Wife Ashley Carroll
The Spirit of Christmas Past Charlotte Guy
The Spirit of Christmas Present Julian Davey
The Spirit of Christmas yet to Come Shona McGill
Headmaster Malcolme Littler
Fezziwig Robin Thwaytes
Mrs Fezziwig Lynda Anning
Older Belle Naomi Hart
Tall Sister Shona McGill
Old Joe Mike Titcombe
Charwoman Lynda Anning
Mrs Dilber, a laundress Ashley Carroll
An Undertakers Man Jason Salmon
Poulterers Man Chris Moore
Fred’s Maid Lynda Anning
The Chorus Dan Goad, Doug Thomson, Rachel Hall and Jenny Nash
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